The marine division supports different applications span from manned cruise ships to unmanned underwater vehicles. We deliver technical studies, experiments and computational approaches to the development and implementation of efficient solutions for problems in the marine environment and industry applications. Our team assists the clients to achieve sustainable standards and quality in their desired
marine technologies. The division goal is to play a significant role for manufacturers of marine engineering in order to be ready for the world’s demands of tomorrow.



Water Tunnel Experiments 

Hydrodynamic Coefficients Calculation 

Watercraft and Underwater Vehicles Design 

Marine Propulsion Systems

Cavitation Phenomena

Propeller Design and Analysis

Droplet and Bubble Dynamics

Water-Jet Engines

Reduced CO2 and NOx Emissions


Underwater Noise Measurement

Underwater Noise Simulation

Noise Reduction Methods

Drag Reduction

Bubbly Flow

Shape Design


Electromagnetic Force