The engineering and technology development company of HEERAB is specialized to develop innovative systems, solutions and products by employing efficient and adaptive methods for aerospace, maritime and energy industries. We have coupled numerical simulations and experimental data mining to provide services demanded by our customers. Senior employees of the company have industrial and academic experiences for nearly a decade which are interested in benefit our clients based on their worthwhile expertise and experiences.We also have distinguished international collaborators from Germany, Sweden, Netherlands and South Korea to improve the quality of our services. The company is located in a modern and fully networked office in Tehran, Iran. We invite you to browse through our website and if you require further information on any of the topics you will find in here or you are interested in collaborating with us, please contact info@heerab.com

Why choose us

Excellence and Quality

Our expertise gives customers the confidence to know the outcome reports and products would be in best quality and precision.


We build partnerships with our customers that lead to long-term and successful relationships.


We believe innovation is essential for staying ahead of the competition and welcome new ideas that challenge the conventional views.


We treat each of our customers and everyone with whom we interact with the utmost respect.